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Trustee’s Message

RK Verma
B. Tech (IIT Madras, 1994)

Dear Visitor,

Let there be no doubt, India is an upcoming superpower. With Sound Economic Fundamentals, Favourable Policy Climate, Demographic Dividend combined with sky-high confidence in youth, which stands evident from the growing number of young entrepreneurs, India is poised to become one of the leading nations in years to come.

However, there lies a flip side to it. There are Indians, who are still struggling hard to earn what we call ‘the bare minimum’ which could help them to just survive. These are the ones lying below the poverty line who have been facing deprivation in terms of access to basic services, including education, health, water, sanitation and electricity. And despite our government’s continuous efforts in this direction, there are still millions of them. People across the spectrum will have to make concerted efforts to achieve complete inclusive growth of the country.

Shri Sewaram Charitable Trust (SSRCT), is a humble effort on our behalf to do its bit for the society and those who need it. SSRCT primarily aims to work on the two most important pillars of a dignified life. Education & Health.

When we say Education, our focus lies majorly on Literacy, Primary Education, Higher Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship Ability. Because we strongly believe that good education goes a long way in changing people, their mind-set and the society as a whole.

In the Health Sector, we would be aiming at the multi-dimensional aspect of it. Physical & mental health, cleanliness, basic awareness towards healthy living and a healthy lifestyle are all important dimensions of “Health” which are a must for one’s well-being.

Established on November 30, 2002 at Kota, SSRCT aims to contribute in any possible way, which will improve on these twin aspects of people’s lives. We have been active in several charitable activities across the Hadoti Region. The trust has organized many health camps and eye camps and has supported many schools, hospitals, students and patients since 2002.

The trust is also running a top-notch school in Jaipur by the name of SR Global School to further its agenda of quality education. Recently, moving towards a giant step, the trust has undertaken an ambitious project of establishing a world class University in Kota, Rajasthan.

SSRCT, thus holds a noble vision, grand ambitions and a strong determination to do as much as possible to help India become a superpower not in mere GDP numbers but in human development parameters as well